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You can plan your whole French holiday by going from one region to the next with French Cottages

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Scenes From Our Villages in France
Lady in Costume at Villandry Near Chinon Loire Valley
Pont Du Gard: 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct Near Uzès

Who are we?

We are the two Australian creators and managers of 11 holiday cottages in four distinctive regions in France - David Hitchins, based in Melbourne, Australia and Bryan Stark, based in France - and have been developing our business for over 20 years.


How are we different?

We are totally unlike those electronic catalogue sites that you see everywhere these days on the internet - automated sites that simply peddle the properties of others for a commission, without much concern about where these properties are or what they really have to offer you.


Because of our long-standing personal involvement in the acquisition of our rental cottages, villas and apartments, and our continuing participation in their day-to-day running, we provide a direct service and the benefit of our extensive personal experience to help you plan your visit to this extraordinary country.


We're hoping you'll love it as much as we do!


We can even help you plan your ENTIRE French itinerary if you wish, drawing upon our wide knowledge of all parts of France. Just mention this when you contact us.

It's a free service!


For quick answers or to contact us  regarding availability


Free 88-page Brochure and French Travel Guide.

Whether you're a first time visitor or a seasoned French travel expert, we're sure you'll find the answers and insights to nearly all your French Travel and Accommodation questions right here on this website - or contact us for our free 88-page brochure and travel guide - click here


Our cottages and holiday accommodation suggestions will make your already exciting holiday in France even more memorable!


Where are our cottages located?


Of all of France's celebrated regions there are four that really stand out for their richness, variety and difference to any other place on earth: Provence, Dordogne, the Loire Valley and the French Pyrenees Basque.  (see the map).


All our properties are right inside the historic centres of fascinating living villages - 'inside the walls' - the best experience you can possibly have!



Your 'Tour de France'


For an unforgettable French holiday, we strongly recommend you include in your burgeoning itinerary a visit to at least one of these beautiful and distinctive regions.


Better still though, you can create your own "Tour de France" by travelling from one region to the next, dallying and discovering the delights each has to offer and using your cottage as a central point for your explorations in each location.


Recommendation: live like a local!


Furthermore, by avoiding "hotel hops" with your own home base for your wanderings , you will discover the true joy of living in a real French village.

It's a totally different experience.


But not just any old village...


No matter how pretty.  It must be just the right village with just the right type of centrally -based  accommodation and thoroughly French: a five star village with something extra.


This "extra" quality cannot be judged by perusing the internet; you need to have stayed and lived there to know. In the same way as being in the real Paris is so much better than viewing any photograph of it,  so the right location will be better than anything you may view on-line about it.

Well...that's the reason we all travel!


Choose thoughtfully, as we did,  and you'll get a glimpse of heaven...

But how do you make this choice when you may not have even visited the village yourself?

Maybe you have never even been to France?


On this website we will show you how.


Guest Video Interviews

 See and hear live interviews direct from the villages; direct from the cottages!


Click here to view entire collection now.


Find out the secret!


Spend a few minutes reading what follows and you'll see just how to do it.


Thank you both for always living up to your website.

We would recommend you to anyone for the quality

and professional presentation of your houses.

 (Sue and Rob Pursell: recent guests)


I have received your very beautiful brochure

and enjoyed reading through it over the weekend.

(so have my visiting friends and family).

You offer such remarkable service and expertise,

how could we consider booking accommodation with anyone else?

Thank you for putting together such a

comprehensive guide to the best of France.

Kind regards, SC







Video Interviews with our Guests

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