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Quality Accommodation in France - Provence,  Dordogne, Loire Valley and the Basque Pyrenees.

Holiday Homes, Villas, Apartments and Cottages to Rent in France, Create your entire French Itinerary with us.

Experience the REAL France, not a commercialised version!

Book Directly with Us - the Australian Owners.

You can plan your whole French holiday by going from one region to the next with French Cottages

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You Can Book One Week or Plan your whole French Itinerary with us.

We Provide a Complete Service, not simply cottages to rent.

Many  enquirers approach us after many months of organising most of the other aspects of their trip to France to ask about renting a cottage for a week or two only to find that the dates we still have free just don't mesh in with their existing bookings.


And so often these same people say, "I wish we had approached you earlier!"


So yes, though we are very happy to supply a cottage for only one week please  note that we are able to do much more than that for you.


We can organise an entire itinerary - including Paris - for your time in France.


There are some big advantages in doing this!


It is just so easy with French Cottages

If you look at where our villages are located on the map above you will see that as bases for exploration, they actually cover a large portion of France. Yet they are still within a pleasant and interesting day’s drive or train ride from each other so ... you can move from one to the next on changeover day.


Paris Apartments as well

With the further assistance of our Paris Apartments associate, Tony Roberts, you can also weave in Paris at the beginning or end of your rural trek: or both ends!


First Time Visitor to France? Or veteran?


Many first time visitors to France, and even those who regard themselves as veterans, frequently become bewildered when trying to decide on their itineraries. Such a rich country; so many choices!


Then, as they start to consider all the potential places to visit they quickly become overwhelmed with an over-abundance of information, issuing from the galaxy of websites out there, and before long it turns into a serious case of information overload.


Now is the moment when these people contact us to ask for help and guidance - which we are pleased to give of course!


Only then do they experience a revelation: namely that they could actually create a wonderfully diverse and memorable French itinerary by simply going from one of our cottages to the next.


Advantages of Booking With French Cottages

There are many advantages to booking your French Holiday with us.

  • Firstly, our cottages and their villages are of a very high standard and offer a wonderful experience, either within the village itself or as a convenient base for exploring the surrounding region, or both.
  • Secondly, your holiday planning can be greatly simplified as you would be dealing mainly with us in creating the French leg of your holiday itinerary. Effectively you would have just one organisation to deal with instead of many with varying levels of service and efficiency. We can refer you to associates who we know will offer you great service and accommodations if we are unable to help you, for example apartments in Paris.
  • Thirdly, we can even assist you by recommending our favourite places in other parts of Europe that we personally have very much enjoyed and know to be of a high standard since our travels have taken us all over the continent.


When you contact us next, let us know your dates and preferences and we’ll be pleased to rough out a truly comprehensive and first class itinerary for you consisting of a mix of our cottages and other accommodations we

know and respect. You only have to ask!

Large Groups and Family Reunions

We've noticed an increasing trend for families to arrange to get together in France. In many cases adult children and

their families live in the UK, or other parts of Europe, and having a suitable well-located large villa in country France is an ideal way for everyone to catch up in a relaxing way.

We are unique in that we have multiple cottages, apartments and villas all located close by each other in three of our four regions so that even very large groups (we once had 20!) can organise their reunion without the headaches of coordinating with multiple owners offering varying standards of service and communication. By dealing with just us, you will find organising your reunion will be easy - or, as easy as such an ambitious plan can possibly be!




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